Mystery Tour 2008

Account 1.

Day 1

On the 26 April 2008 at 9.30am 13 caravans left Pinjarra RSL for the Mystery Tour north.

Before we left the work party had swung into action.  Clive’s caravan was towing low so the work party unhitched etc and turned the towing hitch upside down which fixed the problem.  Before leaving home he left his jockey wheel on and dug up his lawn.  Things can only look up.

The Navy was running late, someone forgot milk, someone forgot bread and of course some bought bikes but no helmets so we left a little late.

Brian was nominated as A Fine Master along with his Secretary Jenny who dictated what and how much to fine people for.  The money will be used on the last night for a Happy Hour.  If the first day was anything to go by it will be a great night.

Communication by CB radio was a great way for those who didn’t know each other to get an insight as to what to expect for the rest of the tour.

As usual everyone was trying to guess where our nights would be. 

 Guilderton on the Moore River was the first stop, so of course the kayaks were off the car and into the river.  The walkers were off exploring and the drivers were at the petrol station filling up for the next day.  Everyone did there own thing for dinner.

Parking the vans was great entertainment for us and those already in the park. 3 vans tried to take out a wall, the bays were very tight.

We were on the road by 9.30am the next morning.  By this time everyone knew each other a lot better so we were entertained by the sledging over the CB.  

Before we left the park, Mike lost a tail light on the van, Syd also scratched his van on the dreaded wall.

We stopped at Regan Ford and Lionel decided to tow a huge boulder under his van, once again the work party swung into action.

Lyn came on the CB calling Syd that smoke was coming from his van, he had a blow out.  Thanks to Ted  “Tail End Charlie” Syd was soon on his way.

                                    Lionel Rocks!


 Day 2

We finally ended up at the Western Flora caravan & tourist park just north of Eneabba.  Lionel managed to loose a tail light while parking up.

The park owners had prepared a lovely BBQ dinner for us.  Ricko & Mick went for a bike ride and would you believe they got lost. Lionel had his guitar of course so we had a great sing a long with the locals wanting to know 'who the

 ???? is Alice'

                                            Starting to relax

Day 3

Ellendale Pool

What a lovely spot.  Once set up the kayaks were in the water and the sky opened up.  That set the scene for the rest of the day and night.  5 vans on low ground had to move.  We are stranded for at least another 24 hrs.


Day 4

Ladies went into Geraldton to shop for an outfit for Opera Under the Stars.

Things got exciting when the water levels started to rise.  At 9.00pm the local farmer came down to tell us to evacuate up to his property on high ground for the night.

Next morning Mick & Clive went for a bike ride to the campsite.


                     Clive & Mick checking out the floods


                     The road into Ellendale Pool

Day 5

We left high ground hoping to make our next secret stop but all roads were flooded so we got out via a dirt road. 

Roger and Glenda joined us at 440 station north of Gerarldton.

Rickos nominated spot for Opera Under the Stars was closed so we drove on until he found somewhere dry which ended up being a gravel pit.

While the ladies were in Geraldton we went to a number of Op Shops looking for our formal attire for the night.  We set up tables with candles.  The ladies excelled in both dress and the casserole meal.

                    The ladies dressed for the Opera

 Day 6

We headed further north to find all side roads were closed and many parts of the highway covered in water. As a truckie said “you are Vietnam vets so you will get thru”.

We spent the night in a caravan park in Carnarvon.  We did a bus tour of Carnarvon, had a chicken & crab lunch and a visit to a couple of plantations.

                Pete and his crab lunch


            The Lunch Box banana plantation


Day 7

Lyndon River road stop.  Brian set up his dish so we all sat around his caravan watching the football, Eagles & Carlton.  Carlton won.


Day 8

Bullara Homestead,

Dinner was supplied, BBQ kangaroo, vegetables pancakes & bananas.

                                Happy Hour


Written By: Sue


Account 2.

12 Vans left Pinjarra RSL About 9.30, headed north on S.W. hwy across to the free way on to Wanneroo road to our first stop being morning tea at  the Tenth Light horse road side rest area,about15 ks north of Wanneroo.The first nights camp was at Moore river C/park. We were told there would a fines night every second night for people doing, saying or break downs,or as the fine master saw fit.The fine master being Brian was open to all tell tail information or his personal assistant Jenny seem to be writing a lot down.Day 2 we all packed up again and on the road across country to Brand HWY stopping at Reagan Ford for morning tea.Someone ran over a huge rock nearly taking out his axle of the van,didn't he Loinel.On from there to Eneabba for fuel stop then night two was Wild flower tourist park,south of Dongara.That night was fines night and quite a lot of money was raised,by the time our trip is finished we should have a a good amount to have a party.Our host put on a barbie. for us that night and a good time was had by all.We all tried to guess night 3 4 ,some getting it right,most wrong.It ended up being Ellendale Pool east of Geraldton.We all set up camp (Membrys being closest to the pool) What a beaut spot,untill the storm hit,thunder,lightning,rain,rain,and More rain.There was a small break and down it came again,everything turned to mud and everyone had muddy rivers running through there annex and under vans.As the river was rising the Membrys had to shift 3times to higher ground.Fun was had by all ha ha.We woke the next morning to sunshine,but a warning from a local Farmer to shift to higher ground as Mullewa had 100 mls ,4 inches and the water was likely to make our pond rise, like every one would be under water.He offered us a paddock on his property,so 9pm we shifted camp under headlight and torches.The girls had gone into Geraldton for a day out that morning and of course do the rounds of the OP Shops.We were told there was to be a opera night under the stars, so we had to have glam gear and were else would you buy it but the oppy.We were lucky to get back to camp as water was running over the spill way.That night the thirteenth van or group three was to join us but as they are not early risers and take so long to get ready they could not get through the flood and had to sleep on a hill the other side of the river to the rest of us.Day 5. Morning tea north of Geraldton at 440 Service station.From there Rickos tour turned to shit, I mean MUD,because that's all there was at the next two camp spots.Did that stop us,no way.Group leader Ricko found us a large gravel/bluemetal pit 1 km from Billabong road house.We parked in a large circle,flags flying and very proud.(was going to be Gladstone) That night was opera night,what a night we had.The ladies dressed up in there finery,some of the men made an effort,tables were set,candles lit,food kepted coming out.Best Dressed for the night were  jenny for the girls and Ian for the blokes.Day6.Morning tea at Wooramel  Service station then onto Carnarvon,staying at Western Caravan/park  (should of been Bush Bay )Everyone settled in and did there own thing.That night some had a barbie and sing-a-long with Loinel and some back packers.Day 7  Ricko had teed up a with a tour bus to show us the sights of Carnarvon,Visiting Banana packing shed,winery ,Home made preserves,then onto lunch,fresh cooked crab with salad.Chicken for those who didnt like crab.The park we stayed at in Canarvon were kind enough to let us leave our vans in the park as we were leaving that afternoon. Next stop was free camp on the Exmouth road, and again we formed our big circle.Footy night,Brian set up his T.V.out side chairs were placed and a lot of yelling,booing and cursing was going on.Day 8 This was another exciting day as no one had any idear of were our next night was to be.What another good spot at a farm stay station ( Bullara  ).At sunset we had the ODE recited by Syd and Ian with Pete and Colin lowering the flags. Our guide from Canarvon came up and cooked us  Dinner.Kangaroo,sausages,carrots,beans and gravey,yum o .Day 9 Into Exmouth and onto the Lighthouse C/Park were we are to stay for the next week.That night we had a big cook up,sausage in bread,beer and wine all payed for by the fines money.Thank you`s were said and Mystery tour of 2008 came to a END.


Written By: Cheryl


Account 3.

26th April; Departed Pinjarra RSL at about 0940, 40 minutes late due to having to wait for the Lorimers.  Twelve vans split into two groups of six, had first stop at the 10th Light Horse trail North of Wanneroo for morning tea/lunch. From there to our first overnight stop at Moore River Caravan Park.  Beaut Park but the sites were a bit tight and the limestone wall along the riverside got a couple of victims. Normal activities, i.e. Happy hour, meal and a fair amount of alcohol consumed.

27th April; Departed 0930 lunch at Reagans Ford, Lionel managed to lodge a ½ to rock under his van, fortunately we have a few big blokes in the team who lifted the van while Lionel drove forward. A lot of guessing as to where we were going from there resulted in a couple of people being correct and we stayed at the Wildflower Park North of Eneabba.

Not without mishap as just North of eneabba a voice on the two way informed me that I had smoke coming from the back of my van. Not a good message to receive, we pulled over and found that a tyre had blown and the smoke was from the burning rubber, I will take a blowout anytime in preference to a fire.  At the park we settled in got the old happy hour going and the fines master conducted the first Court for the trip resulting in a few fines for what were considered misdemeanors during the first two days.  It cost me three dollars but I got off light compared to some, the owners of the park cooked a BBQ with all the salads etc for $10 per head, well worth it.

28th April; Off at 0930 once again a guessing game as to where we were heading, nobody guessed this one, after a stop at Dongara where I replaced the blown tyre we proceeded to a camp spot out from Walkaway South of Geraldton called Ellendale Pool. After we settled in the heavens opened and it came down in buckets, we were on the high ground as all good soldiers should be, those near the river bank were really inundated, didn’t interfere with happy hour though as everyone crowded under a few awnings and carried on as normal, another good night had by all.

29th April; Rain has gone but the river is rising and those on the low areas had to re-locate to the high ground. A free day with normal activities, bike rides, kayaking, Ladies have gone to Geraldton, A warning has come through that the roads are to be closed due to the rising waters so maybe they won’t get back. All arrived back OK, after dinner the river started to come down, have never seen water rise so fast. Just as we thought it had peaked the local farmer arrived and told us that if we didn’t move tonight we would be stuck.  We had already packed up most of our gear and so at around 8.30 pm we hitched up and evacuated to the farmers property, just as well because next morning the road out was under 1 ½ metres of water.

30th April; Moved out at0900 and through Geraldton to 440 Roadhouse, for fuel and food and showers for some. As all dirt roads were closed due to flooding we continued North and found a gravel pit, formed a wagon wheel with the vans and settled for the night. What a night, everyone prepared a casserole to share, the ladies and some of the men dressed in their best Op Shop gear and we sat down to a candlelight dinner and Opera Under The Stars. Unbelievable!

1st May; Arrived Carnarvon and booked into a Caravan Park, washing was done, showers taken and the obligatory bike ride into town. Happy Hour and BBQ that night.

2nd May; A tour of the plantations and a couple of other places finishing up at the Port where a lunch of Crab, Chicken and salad was waiting for us then back to the park and off North again, the weather had now cleared and we were ready and raring to go. Our overnight stop was at Lyddon River campsite and the normal nightly activities took place.

3rd May; Moved on and arrived at a farmstay on a station, no power or water to the vans but showers and toilets provided, our meal consisted of BBQ sausages, Kangaroo steaks, mashed potato and veggies, followed by banana fritters all prepared for us.

4th May; Arrived at the Lighthouse Caravan Park in Exmouth, the mystery part of out tour is over, we are 1300 kms North of home, weather is nice and warm and we are here for 7 days before heading for Coral Bay. A great time had by all as usual, Our third mystery tour and hopefully not our last.


Written By: Syd