Molloy 2009


During the week 7th to 14th Feb,  51 of us stayed at Molloy Caravan Park, Augusta for a week of rest and relaxation – A few got there a couple of days early to get into some early kayaking and bike ride training.  Some of the highlights of the trip were the “low flying duck” and the “playboy spanking bunny” - not to mention the “wannabe moles”. I would love to explain further however as you all know “what happens at Molloy stays at Molloy”. Below are some reports written by various Molloyites on their particular portfolio areas. MOD - Molloy Co-ordinator.


Bikes Rides

The first gazetted bike ride was to be a short ride but however some decided to extend the ride to Karridale Tavern & return – not a wise decision for some. Other rides included the gravel road circuit; Morning tea ride into Augusta and return by the wagon wheel heritage trail (which wasn’t marked all that well but that didn’t stop some); and other short rides. A feature of the week was the inaugural Molloy slow bike ride event which was fiercely contested with Ricko being the slowest rider and the one to beat so to speak. I am sure this event will be on the calendar for next year so start practicing guys. The Molloy NABA award would have to go to MOH for a number of obvious reasons which space doesn’t allow us to go into at this stage. MOD.



Kayaking was a very popular activity. The caravan park is situated on the Blackwood River with a beach launch site right at our doorstep. Group kayaking events included the usual round the island paddles, Scott River, and the Fish & Chip paddle into Augusta and return. A new paddle for this year was the one way paddle from Warner Glen (with the help of non paddlers to drop us off) back to the Caravan Park – only 28ks (trust me) some paddlers had the option of pulling out at Alexandra Bridge. LK currently has multiple “bugger badge” applications under consideration by the Bugger Badge Committee. Clive has left his kayak behind so the Caravan Park can use it in their Hire fleet. MOD.



The Mole Has Struck

The inaugural mole game, organized by Mick and Joan, was played by all who attended. Well done to the 4 moles who caused havoc all week namely Jan, Mario, Syd and Cherie - ably assisted by several 'wannabe' moles. A lot of fun was enjoyed especially every morning when tales of the mole damage from the previous night circulated. The bloody mole has struck again became a common saying around the caravan park. Betting on the identity of the moles was also very humorous as some moles evaded detection and the good news was surplus betting funds of about $200 were donated to the Bushfires Appeal. Thanks to everyone for joining in the fun and donations. MOH.

The Moles

 Ladies Lunch on the Tuesday

A very successful ladies lunch was held at Margaret River Hotel on the Tuesday of the Molloy Caravan Trip.  In total twenty-four “girls” attended and by all accounts everyone had a good time which included a show and tell of all the shopping that had been done.  Two new members were welcomed, Amy and Terri.  All have vowed to return next year! Lorraine.



The fishing comp didn't get under way until Tuesday the 10th due to the unexpected delay of the the convener, who didn't arrive until Monday afternoon. Unfortunately for some very keen fisher-people, the fish landed prior to Tuesday were unable to be included in the final tally. This year's fishing comp was a success for all the participants who had access to a boat, but unfortunately the shore fishers and the kayak fishers didn't have any luck. Most of the fish - Tailor, were caught upstream by trolling from boats, although some fine King George Whiting, Skippies and Herring were hooked down at Augusta. Some anxious moments from the contestants, when the committee of one considered that as prawns were an edible fish, then they should be included in the comp for the most caught, but bribery prevailed and after some reconsideration, prawns were delisted as a comp fish for this year.

This year's winners were:- Biggest fish:- Ted, 33.5 cms.  Most fish:- Mario, 19.  Kayak Fish:-  0 - held over until next year. Next year there will be an extra category - Shore caught fish. Mike.

Mario and Ted

 Pig Night

For our “last supper” together at Molloy Mick organized a pig on a spit.  This was served with hot chips and some wonderful salads provided by the ladies.   We also enjoyed some very tasty sweets afterwards, also courtesy of our wonderful ladies.  The night was very successful with the pig cooked to perfection and plenty of crackle for all.  There was enough pork leftover to have pork and gravy rolls the following night for those of us who were still there. For me the highlight of the evening was the arrival of a group of hungry uninvited guests (5 resident Kookaburras)! They enjoyed a few leftover tasty morsels and serenaded us with their raucous laughter. A great time was had by all and I’m sure everybody can’t wait until next year!! Miss Piggy


Bunny on fire

 Despite the efforts of all to enjoy their time at Molloy this year everyone’s minds were on the terrible events unfolding in Victoria with the devastating bushfires. So an innocent bit of fun with my husband whilst I was dressed up in a playboy bunny outfit, after much prompting from others mind you, turned into a run around camp collecting donations towards the bush fire appeal.  A bevy of cameras followed me around taking photos of lads being spanked with the pink feather wand and others balancing a bunny on their lap.  Everyone was gracious in donations on the night; even I was humbled by the amount raised. By the end of the week the collection had been expanded upon to an impressive donation of $630 from the Group for the bush fires fund. My sincere thanks to everyone for participating in the frivolity. The reason for the bunny outfit you ask? Well we have a Penthouse caravan, Brian is always saying all he needed was the playboy bunny to go with it. He got one finally. Jeni.


Molloy Darts Competition 2009

The happy campers at Molloy this year took to all competitions with gusto, not the least the darts. Played under a different format i.e. a timed game of 5 minutes with a bull or 25 to start, the race was then on to score as high as possible within the five minutes.  Needless to say there were a few whitewashes but the majority managed to get a start. Sixteen men and sixteen ladies contested the games and there were some very good scores among both winners and losers. At the finish it was two newcomers to Molloy who walked off with the magnificent trophies. Gordon won the men’s from Lionel, whist Cherie won the ladies from a determined Mary-Anne. Both winners will no doubt be on a handicap next year. The games were all played in good spirit and congratulations to our worthy winners. Syd.

Cherie and Gordon

 Lawn Bowls

A very enjoyable afternoon of lawn bowls was held at the Augusta Bowling Club on Monday afternoon with about 34 participants from our group joining in with the emphasis being on fun and not winning. After approx 3 hours of bowling with mixed teams of 4 playing another mixed team of fours, stumps ( is this a bowls or cricket term) were drawn about 5pm. This was followed by a delicious afternoon tea prepared by the ladies and a few beers. Everyone who played certainly had many laughs, shouts of good/shocking bowl, what a jag, i need another drink and wrong  bias being heard. But alas, the mole struck and poor old Clive had a sandal misplaced. All the ladies bought a plate of goodies, however Jan's hot sausage rolls with sauce were a real treat. Among the novice bowlers were some experienced bowlers to help out as skippers.  It was agreed by all present to place any left over monies from the green fees of $10.00 on the bar so we could have a complimentary drink instead of paying prize money. Our president Terry thanked the Augusta bowling club for letting us enjoy their facilities and in turn their president responded by saying we are welcome back next year. We thank everyone who joined in. Ron and Margaret.     



Well, you get the impression that some members have been practicing over the last 11months. Certain members who shall remain nameless [Bob H] were seen practicing the night before their game! Shame, shame! The skill and intensity that was taking place was breathtaking and beyond human endurance! Even I improved from last year, got within 12inches of the jack!! A great improvement. Some serious stuff there! But seriously everyone had a great time. The eventual winners were Merilyn P and Ron C [new member]. Terry.

Ron and Merilyn


Five of the lads fronted up on Thursday for 18 holes of golf at Margaret River Golf Club . It was an inclement day weatherwise but we soldiered on through the rain and scrub. Tiger faired the best on the day with 31 Stableford points. Equal 2nd were Bob and Brian with Brian's mate Alex 3rd and then Gordon with the NAGA Award. There were plenty excuses being bandied about at the 19th hole. So much so that we stopped off at the Karridale Tavern to discuss the day's events further. After much debate it was decided that next year we would play at Augusta and maybe make it Ambrose. Bob. 

Six of us took our golf clubs to Molloy this year with the intention of participating in the Thursday ‘scroungers’ golf day at Margaret River.  On the Wednesday myself and Alex trialled the delightful course at Augusta in the hope it will be included in the itinerary for next year. Gordon, Tiger, Bobby, Alex and myself ventured to Margaret River as Clive had pulled out; he pulled a muscle from practising marbles too much we think. The winner from the five was and there is always a N.A.G.A. prize which went to Gordon (stick to darts mate).  Next year it is hoped to have a Vets and their ladies only competition at the Augusta course, so dust off the old clubs and start practising. Brian.


Chudacud Winery

As if a week at Molloy wasn't enough - 19 hardy soles decided that an extra night of revelry could be had by stopping over for a night at Chudacud Winery on the way home. The caravans were duly parked in a paddock beside the grape vines and a few pre-party drinks were indulged before the troops headed over to the winery to be welcomed by hosts ????? After a thorough sampling of all the wines on offer the general consensus was that the Cab Sav was the way to go and the mob then proceeded in an attempt to drink the winery's entire remaining stock of their 2007 vintage. Doug's 60th birthday was an added reason to make merry, particularly after he reluctantly threw a few sheckles on the bar in aid of the cause. As usual the Group travelled with it's own live music show in tow - and once again Lionel did not let us down. He kept the drunken throng dancing long in to the night. The following morning many awoke with sore heads and after a cleansing breakfast of coffee, bacon and eggs, punters straggled down to the winery to ascertain what damage had been done to their credit cards the night before. More cartons of Cab Sav were purchased before the long drive home (in some cases by the wives) for a well earned rest. All agreed it had been a top night and already there is talk of another night at Chudacud.



Pre Dinner Drinks



Birthday Boy and His Mates



Dancin' to the Music




Drinkin' the Wine