Mandurah Murray Vietnam & Veterans Group Inc.





MMV&VG has been extremely fortunate in that we have our own clubhouse.

A brief history of how this came about is detailed below:

Between 2002 and 2006 it had come to the attention of a number of MMVVG members that the Peel District Canoe Club (PDCC), which is situated just upstream from the Ravenswood Bridge and opposite the Ravenswood Hotel on the Murray River was not being used and was in a deteriorating condition.

In October 2006 it was decided to investigate as to whether there was an opportunity for MMVVG to utilize the building. Investigations revealed that the PDCC appeared to be defunct – probably around 2002. Investigations with the Shire of Murray (SOM) revealed that the reserve the building was on was not leased to anybody or organization.

In January 2007 a formal request was made to SOM to lease the reserve for 20 years.

The request was approved by the SOM in May 2007 to lease the reserve to MMVVG for a ten year period.

A number of working bees were organized and along with work by individuals has seen the building transform from being derelict to what it is now.

Various grants were obtained to fund extensive renovations including a large metal roofed patio area

Work undertaken includes:

Numerous working bees                                                                           Tinting of windows

Painting of the exterior woodwork and roller door                                         Repair of doors

Complete renovation of the kitchen                                                            Possum proofing

Erection of the MMVVG Flag Pole                                                             Installation of Kayak Launching Ramp

Extension of Paved Area in front of Clubhouse                                            Erection of new patio roof

New storeroom at rear of building                                                              Concrete walkway and wash down area at side of Clubhouse

Extensive electrical work including outside lights                                        Purchase of equipment including fridges, patio heaters, etc

Concrete Floor Painted                                                                            Safety Railings on Patio

New Oven Installed                                                                                  Ceiling Fans installed

Security Shutters / Grills on all windows


MMVVG Logo Installed On The Clubhouse Wall




A Typical Monthly Sundowner



The Clubhouse in it's original condition



Work gets under way soon after acquisition of the Clubhouse



The Australian Flag is Raised by Group Members



Storeroom and Paved Area                                                                                 Patio Area



Kayaking from the Clubhouse                                                                            Free Members Library


We use the Clubhouse for:

Morning teas after bike rides and kayaking activities                                 Regular monthly Sundowners

Various sausage sizzles during events such as Canoe Week                    Meetings

Annual Australia Day breakfast / lunch                                                    Extensive free book library

Storage for Group assets                                                                       A Group garage sale


Our First Australia Day Function in 2008

Canoe and Kayak Launch Site:

MMVVG has also been active together with the Canoe Trail Friends of Pinjarra & Mandurah Inc and has built a Canoe launch ramp on the reserve next to the Clubhouse. This was approved by the Shire Of Murray on the basis that MMVVG provide assistance “in kind” to erect pine log barriers on either side of the canoe launch area. SOM has undertaken all other work and provided the required materials. Labour for the installation of the pine logs was provided by Group members. This facility now provides Group members and also members of the public with an excellent launching facility on this part of the river and has been used extensively by the Group and other paddling clubs for various activities.