(Please print all details clearly)


APPLICANT:  _________________________________________________________________________                                                                                  (Surname)                                                                         (Other Given Names)

RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS: ______________________________________________________________


_________________________________________________________________P/CODE: _____________


PHONE:    _____________MOBILE: _______________EMAIL: _______________________________



PARTNERS NAME: ___________________________________________________________________

                                                     (Surname)                                                                         (Other Given Names)             


MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY:  Tick the applicable box (Refer to explanations on page 2 of the form)

  *Ordinary Member                         *Affiliated Member                    *Social Member

(Only complete the following box if applying for Ordinary Membership and attach any relevant military record certificate or discharge)

Regimental Number: ____________________Corp.Service______________________________________

Unit & Year in Vietnam (If applicable):_______________________________________________________

Qualifying Service (If applicable):___________________________________________________________

Proof of Service Documents attached_______________________________________________________


Applicants Signature: ____________________________________________       Date: _____________

Nominated by MMVVG member: ___________________________________        Date: _____________

Seconded by MMVVG member: ____________________________________       Date: _____________


ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEE:  $25.00 per applicant. NAME BADGE: $16.00 per applicant.  Total $41.00

   *Cash: $________      *Cheque: $________      *Direct Credit:* $________

*MMVVG bank details if paying by direct debit:  Westpac BSB 036 157 A/c No. 20-7020


Please forward completed form with payment and supporting certificate and other documentation to:

The Treasurer MMVVG,

PO Box 2203, Mandurah Mail Centre, Mandurah.  WA.  6210

Office Use Only:

*Nominal Roll/Proof of Service Checked.   Payment received – Rec No.  _____   *Welcome Pack posted      

Approved/rejected by MMVVG Committee_____________________________   Date: _________________

                                                                                    (Confirmed by Membership Officer)


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The membership categories applicable, as defined in the Constitution and Rules of Mandurah Murray Vietnam Veterans Group Incorporated, are as follows:


a.      Ordinary Members: 

Any past or present member of the ADF or Allied armed forces and their partners if so desired, and ADF or Allied Armed forces Widows/widowers, may be ordinary members.


b.      Affiliated Members:

(1)   Any partner or deceased’s partner of Australian Vietnam veterans who have elected not to hold ‘Ordinary’ membership in accordance with Rule 4a; or

(2)   Any children of deceased Vietnam Veterans.


c.       Social Members:

Those who wish to participate in the GROUP’s social activities and who do not come under the umbrella of Rules 4a to 4d inclusive.


d.      Life Members:

This honour can only be awarded to any member in recognition of a minimum of 5 years continuous and meritorious service to the Group. The nomination must be in writing and contain a resume of the members valued continuity and outstanding contribution to the Group and approved at an Annual General Meeting.


Further information about the membership categories and other matters can be obtained from the “Constitution and Rules of MMVVG which is available on its website:    



A separate form must be completed by each applicant seeking membership to MMVVG. Membership confirmation will be notified to the applicant, via a welcome pack, following approval by the committee.



The applicant agrees to be bound by the constitution and rules of MMVVG including any subsequent changes approved by the members.



Membership fees are due on 1 January each year. Failure to renew by 31 March of that year will result in the member being delisted. A member may wish to reapply but it will be necessary to complete the full procedure again including approval by the committee. Members will be given adequate reminders to renew.



Additional information about the group and the various activities and events it offers to its members is available on its website:



The “DAT’S NEWS” is a monthly magazine produced by the Group and distributed via e-mail or postage to all members. It contains interesting and informative items about the Group and its members including formal and social events and the various activity groups conducted by MMVVG.



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